Wooden Handbag Collection 
The product of artist and designer Monica de Almeida’s lifelong commitment to cooperative community empowerment,
these dazzling handmade bags reflect the love and harmony that has sustained her tiny village in a rural area of northeastern Brazil for generations.
In the communal spirit of mutual responsibility, the men work out of a large tent that serves as the co-op’s operating base while the women work from their homes to ensure that they’re able to earn a living wage while still taking care of their children and elderly relatives.
Handcrafted from reclaimed pitia wood, each piece is hand-cut and hand-sanded until perfectly smooth.
The diamond-shaped wood cuts are then pierced with an almost imperceptible, lengthwise hole. and are dyed in a vat of colored stain made entirely from natural pigments native to the area.
Once dyed and dried, they are sent to the women’s homes for the sewing and weaving process. The pieces are then woven together with an indestructible monofilament.
Finally, the bags are hand-assembled, lined with fabric, and adorned with zippers and small pockets.
The bags are then ready for an application of glossy finish, after which they are air-dried on clotheslines. This ultimate step adds an almost mystical air to the unlikely rural landscape from which they’ve sprung.
More than just a manifestation of the pride these artisans take in their craft,
these bags represent the timeless essence of their way of life --- handcrafted heirlooms
to be passed down from generation to generation, like the passion that put them together.
Available Colors:
MA01 - Black
MA02 - Midnight Blue
MA04 - Hunter Green
MA05 - Maize
MA06 - Chocolate
MA07 - Ruby Red
MA08 - Tangerine
MA10 - Striped Colors
MA11 - Ivory/Midnight Blue
MA12 - Ivory/Black