Marte Handbags

This stylish Marte handbag collection is made by a small cooperative of men and women in the north of Brazil. Their work provides income for an entire community.

The bags are handmade from reclaimed Brazilian “pitia” wood, precisely cut and hand-sanded until perfectly smooth. A tiny hole is made through each piece of wood. The pieces are then stained and strung together with an unbreakable filament. Finally, the artisan applies a matte or glossy finish.

The lining is prepared by creating two interior pockets which are hand-sewn into the finished bag - one with zipper; one without.
Available Colors:
01 Black
02 Midnight Blue
03 Chocolate
04 Hunter Green
05 Maize
06 Natural
08 Tangerine
09 Multi-Color
10 Striped
11 Two-Tone – Natural/Midnight Blue
12 Two-Tone – Natural/Black

Available styles include:
Cassandra (Hand Bag)
Danielle (Shoulder Bag)
Juliet Petite Crossbody Bag for day to evening versatility
Maggie (Handbag)
Mikeala (Grip) - Day to evening versatility
Monique Medium Crossbody Bag for day to evening versatility
Naomi Handbag
Phyllis Clutch
Veronica Handbag
Tessa Shoulder Bag 
Change Purse: 
Rectangular (Available only in multi-color)
Round (Available only in multi-color)
Half Moon (Available only in multi-color)