About the Serra da Capivara Project

"Ceramica Serra da Capivara" is one of the social projects created as an economic alternative for the indigenous population which lives on the perimeter of the Park. This project, created in 1993 serves two purposes: The first is dedicated to the forty families that live in the park, offering their services and safety to all who visit.

The second is for the artisans who meticulously carve and paint each unique piece of pottery by reproducing the same artwork as that which is painted on walls of the caves of the archeological sites. Within this protected area, the 40 families of the community earn their living through sales of these products, assuring UNESCO and the Brazilian government that they will remain as faithful guardians of the park and the project.

Conservation is of the utmost importance within the National Park. These archeological objects are priceless artifacts made by our long-gone ancestors. By living in the park, these forty families serve as guardians of the park and form a human barrier against robbery, desecration and sale on the black market.

 About Serra da Capivara Dinnerware

Everything produced by this group is considered "green" -- the clay, the paint, the brushes and more. Even the water they use is collected during each rainfall. All sanitary and environmental rules are followed. Each piece is produced by hand and carefully examined to be sure it meets the quality guidelines of the community.  All members earn the same salary and are covered by governmental safety and insurance regulations.  In 2006, this project was recognized by CEBEDES - The Brazilian Council for the Development of Sustainability, and certified as the Premier Project in all of Brazil for that year.

The Serra da Capivara National Park has been declared a National Heritage Site and Patrimony to Humanity by UNESCO.

Together with the Brazilian government, this partnership is proud to have as its objective the preservation of environmental and cultural patrimony as well as the creation of jobs which better the entire community.