Ceramic White Apples

These beautiful White Apples with their shiny finish are a perfect choice for your home décor. You can use just one as a single piece and a perfect accent for your coffee table or console. Or they can be used in a small grouping sizes # 1 – 2 – 3 or three identical size #2’s.
Sculptural sizes 4, 5 and 6 are designed to adorn medium and larger pieces of furniture.
Additionally, you have the option of using the apples alone or on a tray. We have the Andra Small and Medium Tray in white or Etched-Silver for Size #1 and #2 apples and the Luanda Tray for Size 3 apples. The combination of the three apples on the tray will afford you an entirely different perspective in which to achieve the perfect look.

Whether you use a single apple or three on tray, you will have the perfect centerpiece for your home or office décor. Please note that each piece is topped with an elegant silver stem so that the finished piece is more than just decoration --- it is jewelry for your home!

   Available in 6 Sizes                



    White Apple    # 1 

     3 ½”       

      3 ½”  

    White Apple    # 2 

      4 ½”       

       5 "

    White Apple   # 3

      5 ½”      

       6 "

    White Apple   # 4

      7 ½”                


    White Apple   # 5

      9 ½” 


    White Apple    # 6


      11 ½”