• Ceramic Red/Yellow Pears with Ceramic Stems - Organic

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    These beautiful, hand-painted, organic pears with delicate ceramic stems were hand-crafted with a smooth texture, an earthy color and in a semi-gloss finish. They will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, on a counter, or on your dining room table and will serve as a focal point to enhance your décor with their beauty and elegance.

      Available in 3 Sizes                                   Diameter   Height

    Size 3 Red/Yellow Pear with Ceramic Leaf


    6 ½

    Size 4 Red/Yellow Pear with Ceramic  Leaf


    9 ½

    Size 5 Red/Yellow  Pear with Ceramic Leaf

    9 ½

    12 ½

    Available in 4 Colors:  Red, Green, White or Black

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