• Ria Azul Box KAP 216/105 - No Divisions


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  • Description

    Hand Painted. Original Artwork

    Dimensions: 3 ¼” x 8 ¾” 2 ½” No Interior Divisions

    This is a Small box without any divisions. Perfect for men or women, for myriad storage of small item.
    Convenient for use at home, on the dresser or nightstand, for wallet, house keys, car keys and more.
    This box is masterfully designed and hand-painted with beautiful and rich colors. Serves as a really special decorative accent in your home. 
    A great gift option which combines function and beauty. 

    Individually hand painted. Functional fine art.

    Interior: Lined with black felt. One compartment (no interior divisions.)
    Made from: Recycled wood with an acrylic finish to preserve the painting.
    Cleaning: Just use a clean with flannel cloth. (Use a damp cloth if necessary.)

  • Ria Azul Box KAP 216/105 - No Divisions
  • Ria Azul Box KAP 216/105 - No Divisions

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