• Soapstone Pots with Soapstone Lid - VLS

    Soapstone Cookware

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  • Description

    Soapstone pot with decorative copper band, copper handles . Can be used in the oven or on the stove top.
    Great for making rice, beans, casseroles, stews and much more . Due to the temperature-retaining qualities and slow
    the heat release of soapstone, food will stay hot for an exceptionally long time. Cooking with soapstone requires little oil,
    allowing the flavor of the food to emerge naturally and preserves all of its nutritional qualities.
    Plating is not required in that the piece is so attractive that it can be brought directly from the stove top or oven
    right to the table. 
    Cooking with soapstone is the true definition of “Natural Cooking”.

     Availables in 4 Sizes                           Dimensions                               Capacity                              

    VLS-001  3” Height x 5” Diameter    0.8 Liters
    VLS-002  3"¾”  Height x 6" Diameter   2.0 Liters
    VLS-003  4" Height x 9" ½” Diameter    3.0Lts.
    VLS-008  5" Height x 9" Diameter   3.8 Lts.


    Advantages of Soapstone

                    Emits no odor
                    Doesn't change the taste of food
                    Exceptionally long life if property used and cleaned
                    Keeps food hotter for longer period of time
                    Handles temperatures up to 1,000 degrees celsius
                    Easy to clean

    Care and Maintenance of Soapstone

                   Wash with soap and water only. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.
                     Avoid "thermal shock" - (e.g.: Directly from refrigerator to high heat.                    Begin  cooking on low heat to avoid cracks or breakage.
                     Do not use soapstone containers to store food.
                     This soapstone product is handmade. Therefore measurements,                              weights an  color may vary from piece to piece.
  • Soapstone Pots with Soapstone Lid - VLS
  • Soapstone Pots with Soapstone Lid - VLS
  • Soapstone Pots with Soapstone Lid - VLS

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