• Three Tangerine Ceramic Apples # 3 on Luanda Tray

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    Handmade Ceramic Red   Appels # 3

    At same point in your life, you realize that your beautiful table need a really special centerpiece. And here it is!! These dazzling, handmade, ceramic tangerine   apples are masterfully designed with a high gloss finish and an elegant silver-plated metal stem with a leaf . The tray is designed to accommodate three apples #3. Both the apples and the tray have felt bottoms to protect your table.
    This set of tangerine  ceramic apples on a ceramic “Luanda ” tray makes a sophisticated centerpiece on your dining room table, console or buffet, and will add just the right touch of class to your home.

    Also available with a combination of 2 apples and 1 Pear  tangerine # 3 on White  Luanda tray. 

    The apples are available:  in red, white, black, green, violet and champagne colors. Trays are available: in  white. or champagne 

    Dimensions:  21 ½” x 6 ½” x 2”

    Weight: 24 0 Lb.


      Available  in two Colors Trays       SKU
      3 Tangerine Apples # 3 on White Luanda Tray   3TA3WLT    
      2 Apples, 1 Pear Champagne  # 3 on Champagne Luanda Tray      2A1PT3WLT
  • Three Tangerine   Ceramic Apples # 3 on Luanda  Tray
  • Three Tangerine   Ceramic Apples # 3 on Luanda  Tray

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